Sunday, October 2, 2016

I'm here...

Hello to anyone who could be reading this. Here I am again. My last post was almost 5 years ago and since then a lot (good and bad) happened in my life. I still have my head full of ideas, but unfortunelly I can't find the will to make them into reality. In the last years I did make some projects, some of them I posted in my DA page, others never saw the light of others people eyes. I can't say I'm fine. It would be a big fat lie, because something is broken inside me. And I don't know how to fix it. The true is my mind is screaming to go back to create something (anything) again, but at the same time my body just doesn't answer this call. My sister asked me some days ago why I didn't post anything here anymore. And it took me a week to get here and write this text. It's just crazy how strong this thing is (I don't know how to call it: mental paralysis? total disappointent with everything? depression?) strong to the point that I just can't move my creative muscles. I became a robot. I fullfil my responsabilities in automatic mode, hide in books and tv shows, numbing my senses. Sleep, wake up, do whatever I have to do, reapeat. I need to scape this. I can't promess I'll be posting here right away. I want to come back. Afterall this blog save me once, maybe it will help me again. I just need the first step. The start. I hope to be back someday soon. :)

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