Saturday, July 23, 2011

Commissions Informations!

As requested, I'm updating the informations about requests and commissions:

1. I accept requests for plushies from MLP:FiM, show characters and OC's, but when someone does a request, they should remember that I have previous requests in progress or waiting to be worked on, so it may take some time to have it done.

2. The price will depend on the size and complexity of the requested plushie. So contact me to ask about it.

3. Please have in mind that some of the needed materials may not be readily available, so this can affect the waiting time.

4. If the request is for a OC, please send me images for reference and as much information about it as you can, so I can make it as close as posiible to what you imagined.

5. Once I accept a request, I'll update the status of your plushie while I work on it. But feel free to contact me with questions if need to.

6. I reserve the right to cancel or refuse a request when is impossible to find the needed materials.

 For comissions and questions, please contact me at

Thanks for reading!

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